Here you can search for placesevents by name, description, address, type or tags. The search always includes Points of Interest contributed by travelers in the community including the stories, photos and videos they shared.

Spots our community has not discovered yet are seeded from external sources for you to explore them. We currently use a Nominatim-powered search that includes locations from OpenStreetMap. It also lets you find public amenities using special phrases. Note that (especially world-wide) amenity queries may also be written like {amenity} in/near {city}, {country}, the country being optional.

Ongoing or upcoming events matching your query are included in the search results by default. Use the event search to narrow or extend the searched time frame.

If you need more control over your OSM queries or try to find places by less-commonly used tags, try our advanced OSM search .

If you need us to query additional sources for inspiring locations or have other feedback concerning this search, let us know!

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